Updating Matlab License File for PC and Mac

Step 1:  Using your Net ID to login to Filelocker (https://filelocker.uconn.edu/), download  and unzip the folder titled “Matlab 2014 License File”.  Then save the enclosed file titled “network.lic” on your Desktop.


Step 2:  Open Matlab, click on Help tab (right-hand side of toolbar), select Licensing>Activate Software



Step 3:  Select the “Activate manually without the internet” option, click Next.



Step 4:  Select the “Enter the full path to your license file, including the file name” option, and then click Browse.  Find the network.lic file that was saved on your Desktop in Step 1, and select it.  Click Next, then click Finish.



Step 5: You can now delete the network.lic file from your Desktop.