Keycard Request Instructions

Keycard Requests

We have arranged with the Husky One Card Officeto provide an upgrade to UConn ID cards to make them PROXIMITY-ENABLED. This applies to undergraduate students who are identified by the Psychology department as needing such cards.

Next week, you should receive a follow-up message from Matthew Butwill with directions on where to find a web-based Proximity Enabled Keycard request form. Going forward, please use that form to request keycard activations and extensions. Those needing Physical keys will still need to contact Virgina Wetzel directly.

Please note that we will not accept a request directly from undergraduate students themselves to make their keycards proximity-enabled. Requests must come from one of our faculty, graduate students, or staff and must specify the following information.

  1. The PI (faculty/staff) responsible for the activations.
  2. Full student name (no nicknames)
  3. PeopleSoft number – a 7 digit number on front of your Husky One card
  4. netid of student
  5. Date access needs to begin
  6. Date access needs to expire
  7. Times of day access is needed (Weekdays/24 hr, Weekdays 7am-7pm, 24/7, etc)
  8. Rooms / areas where access is needed
  9. If you already have a PROXIMITY card, please provide the 5 digit number on the BACK of Husky One card.


  • Pick up authorized request form from Virgina Wetzel (main office – 106) and provide to Husky One Card Office

There will be no charge to the students or the Psychology department for the upgrade of UConn ID cards to PROXIMITY-ENABLED cards as long as we follow this protocol. We cannot pick up the cards for students, because they are the property of the student. Obviously, the sooner the requests are made, the sooner the students will have access to their cards.

Some students will eventually come to you with the new cards, so please ask them before accidentally requesting another. Obviously, if a student already has a card with proximity access, that card number should also be provided with the initial request information (see above) and no need to visit Virginia Wetzel unless a physical key is also needed.

Finally, send Psych IT the 5 digit card number on the back of the Proximity-Enabled UConn ID. In the best of both worlds, the card number should be verified by Virginia, or whoever is requesting the access to assure that the numbers are correct. Whoever verifies the number should copy Virginia with the card number.

Because the new cards belong to the students, there will be no need to request that students return these cards.

By this September, all of the white proximity cards previously issued by Psychology for undergraduate students will expire and should be returned to Virginia Wetzel.

Graduate Students

The Husky One Card office has agreed to provide all of our graduate students with the new proximity-enabled cards at no cost. Simply present your old UConn ID card and they will issue the new proximity-enabled one (no need for authorized form from Virginia). Please remember to contact Psych IT (copy Virginia) with the new card number and if applicable do return the old white proximity card, if one was issued for your use.