Bousfield Seminar 162 Projector Uses

Support and Service

Q: How can I raise/descend the projection screen in the classroom?

A: The podium at the front of the classroom is where you will find the bulk of your resources. Along the wall next to the podium you’ll notice buttons resembling a light switch which acts as a remote for the projection screen.


Q: How do I turn on the projector?

A: At the podium you’ll notice an electronic switcher for the different input connections which is also used to power on/off the projector. To turn it on simply press the button labeled PROJ ON. Be sure to turn it off when you’re all done using it by pressing PROJ OFF and logging out of the main computer. You’ll know that it’s been activated when the button lights up after being pressed.


Q: Why is the page I have displayed on my laptop not being displayed on the projector?

A: This is probably because the external display has not yet been activated. The projector is capable of most connections including HDMI and VGA but in order to activate the external display you need to press the corresponding button on the podium. If using the main computer for your presentation then just hit the button labeled PC.


Q: I plugged in the auxiliary cord connected to the VGA but why isn’t the sound playing on the overhead speakers?

A:   (1) Minimize all applications

       (2) Reconnect aux cord, a system message will pop up

       (3) Select “Headphones”

       (4) Test sound (Be wary of volume)


Q: The volume knob is all the way up but the sound is still too low, can it go any louder?

A: Try increasing the volume on your connected device or on the PC by clicking the speaker icon found in the bottom right corner.


Q: Can I borrow a Mac adapter to connect to my laptop?

A: The main computer, wireless keyboard and mouse found at the podium should satisfy most of the functions of a personal computer. You can display the main computer by switching to PC as the selected display. If you can’t transfer information, feel free to ask the Administrative Staff in the Front Office for their equipment sign out sheet.


Q: I would like to step away from the podium during my presentation, but I don’t like going back and forth to the front of the classroom to change slides.

A: As an alternative, you can connect your personal computer to the display wires found at the center of the roundtable. To activate this external display source select the button labeled FLOOR BOX at the podium.


Q: After I plugged in my laptop, the wireless mouse and keyboard are no longer responding.

A: Once an external display source is activated, the connected device now becomes the main source for that display. The wireless mouse and keyboard are connected to the main computer and can be used for the PC display. To use multiple displays make sure they are all fully connected and you will be able to change inputs through the buttons on the podium.