Bousfield Room 161 Projector Use FAQ’s

Q: How do I turn on the projector?

A: Upon entering the classroom, there is a touch screen display remote where you can access the projector’s base controls and display sources along the wall of the blackboard.

Q: How do I connect my laptop?

A: There are two connection types available to use: HDMI and VGA. If your laptop supports a DVI connection there is a VGA to DVI adapter. It is recommended to use HDMI as this will yield the best picture quality. Make sure that the right source is selected on the touch screen display remote.

Q: Sound isn’t outputting on the speakers, what do I do?

A: If you are connecting your laptop via VGA/DVI make sure that the audio cable is also plugged into the headphone jack. Then make sure that the volume on the laptop is up and that the volume on the touch screen display remote is up. If this doesn’t solve the problem follow these steps:

(1) Minimize all applications

(2) Reconnect aux cord, a system message will pop up

(3) Select “Headphones”

(4) Test sound (Be wary of volume)

After adjusting this, it is recommended to use the touch screen display remote when controlling sound output in order to keep devices synced. You can change the volume using the touch screen display by pressing and holding the designated arrow.

Q: Can I borrow a Mac adapter to connect to my laptop?

A: The main computer, wireless keyboard and mouse found at the podium should satisfy most of the functions of a personal computer. You can display the main computer by switching to PC as the selected display. If you can’t transfer information, feel free to ask the Administrative Staff in the Front Office for their equipment sign out sheet.

Q: Why won’t my laptop connect to the wifi?

A: The University of Connecticut offers two wireless connection sources: UCONN-GUEST and UCONN-SECURE. If you are connected to guest, make sure that you accept the popup window that comes up when you try to connect or you won’t be able to use the web. For UCONN-SECURE make sure that you are signing in with your netID and password. 

Feel free to use the BLUE wired connection if your WiFi problems persist.